Sociological Analysis of Sari Citizen's Citizenship Awareness Rate towards Urban Affairs

Document Type : Research Paper



Although it passes more than one hundred year of new urban management, most changes are seen in structural facilities like constructing highways, buildings …, there is less distinguished planning for citizen’s awareness. Structural analysis of urban management makes it erode hard. Its better involved people and performers find some solution for omitting these kinds of problems in urban development and management. It seems the most effective way is awareness and promotions of citizens about urban affairs. As, it help manager in sighting planning and correct operation for achieving a stable city. So this study analyzes citizens awareness a bout urban affairs and social factors affecting it using citizenship theories of (Habermas, Turner). The research method using this study is survey. Sari is divided to three area using stratified sampling and random sampling 437 people chosen as sample size. The age of sample are 18 and above 18. Result of dependent variable show citizen's citizenship awareness is an average, that men are more awareness of woman. So, Results show, the variable using mass media and participation in civic institutions is significantly related to citizenship awareness towards urban affairs and mass media have been strongly effect for citizenship awareness towards urban affairs. Among Background Variables, the variable: age, Position in Family, Marital, Activity Status are significantly related to citizenship awareness. Comparative variables indicate weakness of awareness among youth.