Peer Review Process

The stages of reviewing, accepting, and publishing articles in the journal Social Development are as follows:

 (The type of arbitration policy is anonymous)

1- Editor's Opinion; (If the case is completed, the article will be sent to the editor to determine the level and extent of the journal's subject area, the referee's appointment, and finally after being allowed to enter the arbitration process.)
- If their opinion is negative, the article will be considered for an assignment and possibly a rejection letter at the editorial meeting.
- If the editor's opinion on the above is positive, the article enters the next step (the arbitration stage).
2- Submission to Arbitration (If the paper is completed and the journal format is fully complied with, the article will be sent to 2 referees at a time).
3- Receiving the results of the review and sending them to the authors for reform;
- If the result of the 2 positive judgments is positive, the author will be allowed to edit to make the corrections the arbitrators intended.
- If the result is 1 positive judgment and 1 negative judgment, the author will not be able to edit and the article will be sent to the third arbitrator. .
- If the outcome of two arbitration cases is negative, the article will be submitted to the editorial board for status determination. If the reviewers' opinions are approved by the editorial staff, a letter of refusal will be issued.
4- Receiving corrections and submitting the paper to the final referee (If the files are complete and following the instructions in the edit letter, the article will be sent to one of the previous referees for control of the final referee).
- If the author's amendments are fully approved by the final reviewer, the article will be submitted for acceptance at the editorial meeting.
5- Put articles accepted in the ready-to-publish list.

 Publishing an article. (All articles are sent to the responsible author after the editing and editing page and before publication, in case they need to be revised, and eventually author approval is obtained for publication.)
 Note: All correspondence is made with the responsible author and only brief steps are communicated to other authors. All matters relating to the process and outcome of the arbitration, the time of editing, accepting and publishing the article are solely carried out by the author responsible for the article. The journal's office is reluctant to respond to other fellow authors.