Media Literacy and Consumption (Case Study: Of Shiraz's Women)

Document Type : Research Paper



In the era where the communicative and informative technologies go beyond the national borders, and are becoming the most influential tool in directing the thoughts, being exposed to the types of media is a natural and inevitable part of the human being's life, so the way of facing the broadcasting messages is of more importance .The present study is based on the theory that unconscious dealing with the presented issues of the media- especially the ads-can increase the consumption inclination. For analyzing the above assumption, the required data was gathered by the survey methodology and questionnaire tool and by selecting a sample consisted of 410 young women of 18-29 years old inhabited in Shiraz. The sampling method was multistage random and random and the analysis was based on publishing innovation theory. For analyzing the data and testing the theories, the statistical methods of F-test, T-test, multivariable regression and path analysis were used. The findings show a meaningful relationship of the whole six independent variables of the study, media literacy, education, age, employment, social status, and marital status with the dependent variable.