The Study of the Relationship between Lifestyle and Social Health among People of Talesh City

Document Type : Research Paper



The present study aims to examine the relationship between Lifestyle and Socila well-bing among people of Talesh city. In this research which done with Survey, 380 cases of residents of Talesh city selected by using Probability Proportional to Size (PPS) sampling and investigated by Questionnaire. Tool of data collection was Health-oriented lifestyle questionnairs (HPLPII) and Keyes Social well-being questionnairs (1998). Validity of tool found by Content validity and high of Cronbachs Coefficient Alpha was stating of utility of stability of research tool. Results showed that the average of Health-oriented lifestyle as well as Social well-being was among men more than women and among married more than singles (P >0/05). Also there is a meaningful and positive relationship between health oriented lifestyle and its dimensions and social well-bing. In other hand, with the increase in the level of health oriented lifestyle of Individuals, there is the hope of increasing the degree of their social well-being. According to results of research, Reinforcement and Spread of health oriented lifestyle in society bring social well-bing.