Relationship between Awareness to Consequenses of Excessive Consumption of Electricity and Power Saving Among Married Women in Yasouj

Document Type : Research Paper



Electricity consumption in Iran is beyond international standards. Given that the majority of electricity is consumed in the domestic sector, power saving especially by women as home managers is an important approach for decreasing electricity consumption crisis but this question has been hardly ever considered. The main purpose of this study is to investigate electricity saving among married women and its relationship to awareness to consequences of excessive consumption of electricity. Research method is survey throuth correlational method. The population is the married women in Yasouj that 406 cases were selected using random multi-stage sampling method. Research instrument is a researcher–made questionnaire that factor anlysis was used for to determine the validity and the reliability was measured through Kuder-Richardson coefficient. Investigating relationship between ACECE and power saving through structural equation model showed that there is a significant positive relationship between two variables and ACECE is able to explain 43% of variance of the power saving. The Main conclusion of the present research is that with promotion of the ACECE, electricity saving is increased and consequently excessive electricity consumption is mitigated in Iran.