The Effect of Self–Employment Loans on Stable Employment of Abadan Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation Aid Recipients

Document Type : Research Paper



Unemployment is one of the main problems of the human society that the man has been struggling with for a long time. Self-employment is of the ways of confronting unemployment and a proper procedure for decreasing unemployment rate. Self-unemployment is the activity of the private and unofficial sector of the economy which has a big impact on reduction of unemployment rate. Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation (IKRF) is one of the foundations that have put a lot of effort into self-employment and its institution alisation. This study investigates the important subject of stable employment and its relation with some variables. Although it is important to create employment for aid recipients in the form of self-employment but stability of created employment is more important. The aim of this study is to recognize factors related to important stability among individuals who have received self employment facilities from IKRF. The methods of this research are survey and field study and for data collection questionnaire was used. Questionnaire validity has been based on the agreement between supervisor and advisor and its reliability calculated by Cronbachs' alpha coefficient was 0.715. Research findings are presented in two descriptive and communication sections.the result show there is a relationship between employment stability and variables such as gender, age and amount of received loan.