Study of Influential Social Factors on Happiness in Khuzestan Province

Document Type : Research Paper



Happiness is a social phenomenon that has been studied from different standpoints by social theorists. This research seek to identification of Influential Factors in Social Happiness. for this, some sociological theories such as Durkhiems theory of Anomie, Ingleharts theory of Human Development, Gurrs theory of relative deprivation, Tov & Dieners theory of social trust, Simmels theory of individualism and Giddenss theory of Modernity has been applied. The instrument is Oxford Scale for measuring happiness that has been used after reliability test. The study population included people ageing between 15 and 65 resident in Khuzestan Province. And the sample size consist of 987 individuals that randomly selected by Cluster Sampling Method. The results indicate that Social Happiness is low among 1.9 percent of individuals. 19.5 percent enjoy high level of Happiness. And 78.6 percent have average amount of Happiness. Pearson’s correlation coefficient results show that significant relationship between interpersonal trust, religiousity and societal security whit Happiness is positive. While, relationship between relative deprivation and, anomie whit Happiness is negative. individualism and self-expression values hadn’t any significant relationship whit Happiness.