Referee's Guide:              

Honorable judges can enter their own id and password once they have logged in, in the referees section, they will post their expert opinions on the refereed articles.

Click on a link sent to the referee for direct access to the article's review page. On the page that opens, you can download the article file from the "Related Files" section at the bottom of the page.

 Also, to submit your assessment of the article, click on the "Assessment Form" in the "Referee Facilities" section to display the evaluation form. If you need an explanation for the editor or author, use the appropriate boxes and finally click on the option "Submit an arbitration result to the editor".

 Note: Regards who introduced Yahoo and Gmail e-mail and other emails outside of Iran will send spam emails from the Quarterly. Please make the necessary settings for receiving the next emails in Inbox, or replace your local academic email.



 Editor of the Journal of Social Development