How do I send a magazine article?

You can post your articles in the Word File format by posting articles on the website to qjsd.scu.ac.ir

2- How could I know the terms of writing this article?

You can be learned through the Quarterly Review of Social Development through the \" Guide for Authors \" s path and the study of its provisions from the writing conditions of the article.

3- What is the review process of articles?

The received articles are first sent to the esteemed editor - in - chief, and within 15 days the editor \" s initial view that the article matches the aims and prospects of the magazine. then, by meeting the members of the board of directors, the editorial staff is assigned to review the articles of the two arbitrator articles and article for them. This phase lasts between 2 and 3 months. After receiving the judgment, the requests for the judges will be submitted to the writer, and after the implementation of the reforms, the editor - in - chief appears to be the final confirmation of the final approval and publication. This step is about 20 days

4- What would I do if I asked for the Quarterly, Arbitration, Follow - up of the article?

If you have any questions about submissions, tracking their status, placement at different stages of the admission process, you can request your request through the information available in the contact section.