Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, November 2014, Pages 1-258 (vol. 9. no. 1, Autumn 2014) 
Poverty, Inequality, the Middle Class in Iran

Pages 37-66

akram hamidian; aziz hazbavi; hasan reza yousefvand

Zoorkhane and Its Identification Resources

Pages 67-84

sina amini zadeh; daryoush boustani

Investigating Altruistic Behavior Affecting Factors among Hamadan Citizens in 2013

Pages 135-160

mohammadreza hosseini; akbar talebpour; hossein emamalizadeh

A Study Effective Factors on Women Status and Its Effect on Structure of Power in Families

Pages 187-204

masoumeh bagheri; alihossein hosseinzadeh; somayeh bahrampour; sajad bahmaee