Investigating the Relationship between Social Happiness and Academic Productivity of the Faculty Members (Case Study: Mazandaran University)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor of Sociology, Mazandaran University, Mazandaran, Iran

2 Ph.D student of Economic and Development Sociology of Islamic Azad University of Babol, Babol, Iran


The identification of effective factors and methods for increasing the productivity of human resources are the main concerns of managers of organizations. Meanwhile, the improvement of human resources productivity in universities, as a training center of powerful and expert human resource, is of great importance. Therefore, this research was designed to investigate the relationship between social happiness and scientific productivity of faculty members of Mazandaran University. A survey method was used and data was collected using a happiness standardized Questionnaire and Academic Productivity researcher-made Questionnaire. The statistical population of this study included all faculty members of Mazandaran University. The sample volume of this study was 100 people which were collected by complete enumeration method. Cronbach's alpha was used to measure the reliability of the indices, which was more than 0.8 and it was acceptable. The findings of the hypothesis test showed that there is no significant relationship between social Happiness and Academic Productivity of faculty members. Academic Productivity is not different between male and female teachers. Social happiness is different among teachers with a different employment status. The rate of productivity among faculty members was different based on their scientific degree and the highest frequency was among faculty members with a moderate level of productivity. In this regard, the data showed that the social happiness of these people is of an average level.


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