The Role of Modern Media on Political Development of the Developing Countries

Document Type : Research Paper



Internet is considered to be one of the most influential modern information and communication technologies which has changed virtually and heavily all the aspects of human life, among the others the individual and collective living of our life. The development of all the societies and especially those who are called the developing ones dependes on Internet by which the pace of development, whether fast or slow, is decided. The political scholars are of this opinion that Internet has got positive effects on political development of the societies in terms of diffusion and and collection of free information, huge impact on formation of public opinion and directing it, amendment of societies partial and or complete structures, electronic democracy as well as performing elections. Meanwhile, Internet might have negative outcomes such as national supremacy, downsizing human’s privacy, however taking into consideration the qualities such as interactivity, timelessness of communication, lack of a centralized control, lack of ownership of the network and censorship-evading nature can best bring about a suitable space for the missing political participation and therefore fostering political participation.


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