The Investigation of Sociological Families and Filo Centric Typology Acase Study in Tehran

Document Type : Research Paper



The main aim of this research is studying sociology of typology of family and child-centeredness among Iranian families according to power, participation, social capital, cultural capital, gender, and parent education, amount of being democratic or dictator and number of children. First of all we want to know what the situation of children is in present families. Also we want to compare the situation of child-centeredness among different types of families. This study is a survey and data gathering tools are questioners which have validity and reliability. Statistical population of this research is 3496892 families in 22 urban regions of Tehran which is according to the last population and housing counting in 2011. The sample size is 386 families which have been obtained by Cochran formula and cluster sampling. The main method in data analysis is Person, regression, and structural equation modeling by using Amos software. The results obtained from statistical calculations show that the existence of child centeredness has been confirmed, but this doesn’t mean that man-centeredness has been omitted in family context. It also can be said that the pyramid of power has changed to some extent; somehow the father is main decision maker and participant in main affairs of home. But the factor of becoming centeredness has the most impact in predicting child-centeredness. 


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