The Pattern and Trend of Changes of Social Issues at Khorasan Razavi during (2004-2013) With Emphasis of Metropolitan of Mashhad

Document Type : Research Paper



This paper aims to study social issues in Mashhad and trend of changes that help us to have proper and reality-based recognition, as, these issues ignored the negative effects and consequences may lead to social problems and deviations. Six issues of poverty, inequality, unemployment, divorce, addiction and crime in khorasan Razavi province were selected according to their priorities and effectiveness and the trend studied and assessed during 2004-2013. This research is based on longitudinal approach using secondary data and performed during 2004-2013. In this study, in first step the secondary analysis used to collect and review existing data and then using meta-analysis method to analyze the index to be discussed. The findings of research show that Mashhad as a religious and immigration city is confronted with the increasing trend of social issues.