Convergence and Divergence of National, Religious and Global Identities (Case Study: of Students of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman)

Document Type : Research Paper



This quantitative study, has investigated relationship between national and religious identities (as independent variables) and global identity (as dependent variable). Statistical population of this study consists students of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman. Sample size estimated 380 students which were selected via stratified random sampling based on the stratified identity of the statistical population. Data were collected by questionnaire. Reliability and validity achieved by Alpha Cronbach method. Also Amoss software was used to validation of the research model. Data analysis indicated that religious identity, in faithfulness aspect, and national identity, in behavior aspect, have significant positive relationship with the global identity. On the other hand, religious identity in ceremonial aspect has negative significant relationship with global identity.  Other variables such as cultural consumption and using satellite TV have significant positive relationship with global identity. By and large it can be concluded that nature of the relationship between local identities (national and religious) and global one is that of convergence in some aspects and divergence in others. In other words we are considering a type of particularism and universality which are the two sides of the globalization coin.