The Effect of Lifestyle on Free Study among Citizens of Ahvaz

Document Type : Research Paper



The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of forms of capital (cultural capital, social capital, economic capital) and lifestyle on reading in Ahwaz city. The population of this research is all resident of Ahwaz city aged above 15 years that among them 400 people selected randomly. The method of this research is survey and data were collected questionnaire. Data were analyzed by SPSS software. For test of hypothesies regression and Pearson correlation is applied. Findings indicate that level of reading is low among respondants and 40 percent have no reading or lower than 1 hour in week and lower than 10 percent have above 10 hour reading in week. Results of regression analysis showed a significant positive effect of cultural capital, social capital and economic capital on reading. In other words, increase in individual’s level of capitals (in its three dimensions). Modern Lifestyle has significant positive effect on reading. 42/7 percent of reading variance explained by independent variables. Today, cultural product consumption particularly books is an index indicating the level of cultural development in different countries. Hence, investigation of factors that affect this phenomenon is of importance.