Study of Relationship between Scientific Communications and Academic Self-Efficacy

Document Type : Research Paper



Today, science because of its value or because of its effects in all areas of life has great importance. The main question in this research is whether scientific communications, effects only on the scientific features of students in science environments, or in addition, it can also affect other areas of their personal or academic life? In other words, if is there the relationship between scientific communication and self-efficacy among students or no? The population consists of all the students of two State University of Shahed and Tehran, who in 2010 admitted to higher education. The sample size determined about 360 by Cochran formula that was obtained from various faculties of the University of Tehran and Shahed in proportion to the total numbers each of them. Then the questionnaire was distributed among students to a random shape. The data indicate relatively low rate of scientific communication and also personal and academic self-efficacy in the two universities, although the rates of both variables are lower at Shahed University than Tehran University. The results of Pearson test showed a significant correlation between scientific communication and the personal and academic self-efficacy among students.