Examine the Relationship between Lifestyle and Religious Identity (Case Study: 18-30 Years Young Boukan City and Three Villages (Salamat, Kora Kani and Golulane Sofla))

Document Type : Research Paper



Unlike in the past where the alleged identity was based on a series of features, and people get their identity from parents; the feature of new era is that the right to determination and to choose their identity has been transferred to themselve. At ccrrent research by using the theoretical framework Giddens and Simmel sought to examine the relationship between the concepts of lifestyle (nutrition pattern, body management, clothes purchasing pattern and Leisure) and religious identity young people aged 18-30 cities Boukan and its 3 outlying villages salamat, kora kani, Golulane Sofla. With Using of quantitative method and questionnaire. With Using of Cochran's sampling formula the sample size was determined for urban communities 382 and 194 for rural communities. The results of this study showed that in both society between the two concepts there is meaningful relationship. In rural communities the relationship between the concepts is direct and the urban society are reverse. Moreover, in both community there is a significant relationship between two variables of gender and education with religious identit. But on both community ages was not significantly in relation with the variable of religious identity.