The Study of Iranian Negative Social Emotions' Towards Afghan Refugees (Case study: Shirazi Citizens)

Document Type : Research Paper



This study has been measured Iranian emotional orientation towards Afghans from sociology of emotion perspective. Therefore the main purpose of this research is studying Iranian negative social emotions' towards Afghan refugees in Shiraz. In this way, based on theoretical framework, propositions and hypothesis of study have been shaped and 390 Shirazi citizens have been interviewed by survey method and multistage cluster random sampling. The result have been shown that by increment of age, education level, identity/global values, identity/Islamic-Iranian values, awareness and interaction with Afghans, the level of negative social emotions will decrease. On the other hand, by increment of identity/local values, negative social emotions will increase. The results of multivariate step by step regression have shown that five variables of interaction with Afghans, education, identity/Islamic-Iranian values, identity/local values and identity/global values have explained 31.9 percent of variations of dependent variable in total.