Effect of Facebook Social Network on Family Values of High School Students in the City of Tabriz

Document Type : Research Paper



One of the main institutions of a society is family which seems that with the advent of social media in it has experienced some changes. The aim of the present study is to study the effect of Facebook Social Network as one of the modern media on family values of students as users of this virtual social network. In this regard, Habermas’ communicative action and Kelley and Volkhart’s theory were used about the effect of group and theories of mass communication. The present study was conducted in a survey research and employing an Internet-based researcher-made question distributed among 300 high school students in Tabriz in 2014-2015. The sampling method was the convenience and voluntary sampling method. In addition, to analyze data, Tay Kendal C test, Pearson correlation coefficient, and regression were used. Findings of the research indicate that Facebook Social Network can be effective on family values in different aspects. There is a reverse correlation ofthe duration of membership, the degree of using, the degree of participation and activity in Facebook, the dependency on Facebook, the kindly space due to students’entrance into the interactional space of Facebook, emotional relations due to students’ entrance into the interactional space of Facebook, and students’ feeling of satisfaction with anonymity in Facebook with family values; but there is a direct significant correlation between degree of families’ awareness of their children’s use of Facebook and family values.