Modern Media and Construction of Identity: Kurdish Satellite Channels and Ethnic Identity of Iranian Kurds

Document Type : Research Paper



Modern society can be considered as a society that is governed by the logic of the media. In the third millennium, Media has penetrated all sectors of human lifeand one of the main tools in construction of identity. This paper examines the Kurdish modern media (Kurdish Satellite Channels) and its relationship with ethnicidentityofKurdsin Iran. To achieve this goal, has been used of mixed method. In the quantitative section has been used of the questionnaire and the Qualitative section of the tool of semioticsthat Combined findings of two sections, we have to interpret the findings. The findings represent a positive and significant relationship between the use of Kurdish Satellite Channels and Ethnic Identity (in all dimensions) of Iranian Kurds. Also relationship between senses of margined and Ethnic Identity (in all dimensions) is positive and significant. Kurdish satellite channels are ideological media and representations the identities of the Kurds are that Coordinated with their own party interests and their ideology.  However, High level of audience this satellite channels has been effective in reinforcing ethnic identity of Kurds in Iran.