A Study Effective Factors on Women Status and Its Effect on Structure of Power in Families

Document Type : Research Paper



In the past two decades, the concept of women's status has been expanded from education and socio-economic status to include women's access to control over resources and decision making power within the household. It is true that if both spouses participate in a decision, a better outcome may result than if either member alone takes the decision. A women's education and the socio-economic status of her family of origin are bases of her power in the household. From the perspective of the sociology of the family as one of the major social institutions known. The aim of the present research study is to analyze effect of status of women in the decision making power within the household. Hence in the theoretical context, we used sociological, psychological and feminist theories, technique of collective data is questionnaire and we used both the descriptive and analytical methods. Random samples of this research were 384 married (from 53943) women, in the city of Abadan in the province of khouzestan. The main finding in this regards has shown that the decision making power with in household is vividly notable among employed women. The finding of the study indicated a significant relationship between women status with increasing power in economical determination, the gender perspective, valuable resources of women, compliance of women, women's employment and the age of the spouse with the power of women in the family.