The Status of Knowledge Management Based On (SECI) In Shahid Chamran University and Its Relationship with Organizational Culture

Document Type : Research Paper



For conducting a survey about the status of knowledge management (K.M) in Shahid Chamran University and its relationship with organizational culture (O.C), 188 faculties and 119 employees were randomly selected and then completed two questionnaires. Based on the results, there was found that the status of (K.M) is lower than critical value (t=3.5) and their differences are significant. Stepwise regression showed that five of (O.C) factors: (management support, identity, control, agreement whit conflict and risk tolerance) have significant effects on (K.M) and they can totally predict 36 percent of (K.M) variance. Also it was found that internalization can predict 25 percent of (O.C) solely.