A Study on the Relationship between Using Mass Media and Responsibility Youth’s in Kermanshah

Document Type : Research Paper



One of the main issues of sociological region is the responsibility youth’s to continue the social, cohesive relations in the society. The main goal of essay is to measure the relations between using mass media and responsibility youth’s in Kermanshah. The theoretical form is based on the social psychology. The social responsibility is based on the start measure, Lickert 5 degree. The mass media is based on the electronically media. Methodology of the paper is based on survey, and through questionnaire data has been collected. The statistical society includes all of young people in Kermanshah, they are about 360450 persons, and they were randomly chosen 400 persons. The data was gathered by questionnaire SPSS Microsoft in the windows. We applied facial validity for the evaluation of questions, Cronbach’s alpha for the reliability of questions, and Pearson’s correlation statistical method for examining the hypotheses. The results from coefficient of correlation show that there is meaningful relation between using (published, electronically) media and the responsibility youth’s. The results of regression analysis shows that the electronically media is move predictable than the published ones due to the responsibility youth’s. It can be said that media plays an important role in make the responsibility youth’s cautious, so much that it change their views. The results showed that there is bilateral relations between using media and the responsibility youth’s.